About Us

Chilli Burn Adventures Corporation was originally conceived of as a New Zealand based Mexican restaurant franchise. Although this idea had considerable merit and interest, unsurprisingly, this venture went immediately bust.

While lamenting their demise as restauranteurs over a fine bottle of tequila, our hapless heroes stumbled upon the notion of gaming. As artists and programmers who worked on the special visual effects of some generally annoying art films such as "Avatar", and "Lord of the Rings", they decided over a vigorously debated, and admittedly somewhat inebriated pub bet, that a game company wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Thus, with the aid of the agave tequilana plant, Chilli Burn Adventures Corporation was born as a gaming company. * **

Our new found mission in life here on the southern half of the planet, is to provide awesome games and technology for your smart gadgets, from android phones and tablets to iPhones, iPads and beyond.

We hope you enjoy our finely tuned game code, and thank you for your continuing support.

Who Are the Chilli Burn Adventurers?

Loren Brookes - Prime code geek. General genius type. Race car driver. Does the company maintain life insurance on him? You bet we do.

Lance Lones - Lance is a rocket scientist who accidentally landed in the entertainment industry due to a strange series of events involving a container load of persimmons, and a busload of Albanian nuns. Holding potentially useless degrees in Visual Arts and Physics from the University of California, Lance has spent the last decade or so building and supervising the colour and production pipelines for the visual effects on a number of little known art house films such as Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, I, Robot, King Kong, X-men: The Last Stand, Eragon, 30 Days of Night, The Watar Horse, and Avatar, just to name a few of the more lame films. Cleverly, he's also attempting to blog about the adventures of the Chilli Burn Adventurers here.

Jon Brown is an industry veteran game designer, who has been doing his best to make children, and adults, part with their pocket money for over 15 years. It isn't all fast cars, jet-setting and sleepless nights, but they're the parts that make for the best stories. You can catch his blog here.

Contact Us

We're always happy to hear from anyone who thinks that games are fun, and that technology is awesome. So feel free to throw us an email:


* this story may actually be false. None of us really remember that evening with anything close to what you would call clarity.
** yes, we all took cabs home.